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Mundrabilla-Meteorite 15,58 Gr.

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Iron-Meteorite - Mundrabilla, Australia
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Weight: 0.014 Kg

The first fragments of the Mundrabilla meteorite where found in 1911 in Australia, one of the largest meteorites ever found, with a total known weight of 24 tonnes and the two single largest and matching fragments accounting for 12,400 and 5,44 tonnes, which were found 1966 in the Nullarbor Plain at 30°47′S 127°33′E by geologists R.B. Wilson and A.M. Cooney during a geological survey!

Its chemical composition is 65-75% iron-nickel, including 35% by volume of troilite (iron sulphide), with inclusions of schreibersite, graphite and silicates, mainly olivine, pyroxene and potassium-rich plagioclase and it is classified as medium octahedrite, part of the IAB group.

With an age of 4570 ± 60 million years (Niemeyer1979) the Mundrabilla-Meteorite is one of the oldest meteorites ever found!!

Condition: original weathered crust - no treatment at all.

Size: 3,6 x 1,7 x 1,3 cm

Weight: 15,58 Grams

Site of the find: Mundrabilla Siding, Nullabor Plain, West Australia

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