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Acrosalenia cf. hemicidaroides

126.00 €
Middle Jurassic, Landaville-le-bas, Vosges, France
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Weight: 1.11 Kg

Overall rock size: 17,5x16,0x4,5 cm

Collector piece! Two perfectly preserved and complete echinites, surrounded by huge sea urchin spines

and other fossil fragments. This beautiful specimen was found in the so called 'clay layer' of the famous

Landaville quarry, in which the fossils are preserved in a special three-dimensional way, which gives,

after preparation, a perfect idea of the original sea ground. No restauration - nothing added!

Formation: Middle Jurassic, Bathonium

Age: 168,3 - 166,1 million years

Locality: Landaville-le-bas, Vosges, France


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